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5 Tips to Prepare Your Trip to Switzerland

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Written by Tanya

People from all over the world know a lot of things about Switzerland. Millions of people adore Swiss chocolate, wear Swiss watches, and want to hike in the Swiss Alps. However, this knowledge does not help you out when you are planning your next trip to Switzerland. That’s why we’ve prepared five useful things to keep in mind before your journey to this wonderful country. Read and remember!

Change Your Currency

Before traveling to Switzerland, you need to know the following – Switzerland doesn’t belong to the European Union. So, the Swiss National Bank emits the national currency. One Swiss Franc is equal to approximately 1,01 US Dollar, and 0.86 Euro (better check the rate right before your trip). Travelling around Europe, you can exchange your euro in any currency exchange. There are a lot of exchange offices in the airports, railway stations, and city centers.

Learn Tips To Save Money

Thanks to the neutral position during the World War II Switzerland developed one of the most stable economies in the world. And nowadays it is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Although high prices may distract backpackers from visiting this vibrant country, we want to show you some tricks to travel on a budget around Switzerland.
For example, you can use Couch-surfing and Airbnb to stay for less money. Get-to-know promotion time in Swiss supermarkets to save on food is also a good idea. Spending less you will save more money and travel like a local.

Purchase Your Insurance

As you already know, Switzerland is not the part of the European Union. However, it is included in the Schengen Zone. Planning your trip to countries within the Schengen area, keep in mind that the Schengen visa insurance is one of the primary requirements. You usually don’t have to show your passport at the Swiss borders, but you might need your travel insurance in case of unexpected illness or emergency. Hope it will never happen to you, but it is better to insure yourself and travel to Switzerland safely.

Visit All The Parts Of Switzerland

To get an understanding of the whole country, you should visit each part of Switzerland. Because of the history, Switzerland has four national languages – German, French, Italian and Romansh. Most citizens are either bilingual or at least they can understand a language of a neighbor region. So, when you are planning your itinerary, you should consider every part of the country, and you can use different types of transportation for maximum enjoyment. For example, you can buy a Swiss Pass, use BlaBlaCar or even hitchhiking to travel around the country cheaply. Keep in mind that cars are faster, but they won’t give you as much enjoyment as you can get moving through the Alps by train. Choose your best way to explore every part of Switzerland!

Go Hiking

Switzerland is an excellent destination for those who are fond of hiking and the other mountain activities. Being an expensive country, it is not that popular as France or Italy among hikers. There are many places in Switzerland where you can feel the beauty of nature. So, if you feel comfortable in solitude, Switzerland will be a great choice for your next holidays. However, it does not mean that the Swiss Alps are abandoned. High-qualified ski resorts, such as Andermatt, Verbier, and Davos are waiting for athletes throughout the winter. Travel smart. Plan thoroughly. Enjoy Switzerland.

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