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7 Tricks to Get a Cheaper Hotel Accommodation

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Written by Tanya

You are about to travel and everything is planned to the last detail. You’ve made a hotel reservation. However, only a few people tend to get more information about the very accommodation.
For most of them, hotel represents only a place to be used to spend the night. Therefore, it happens often that they find out about sudden and unplanned expenses at the reception desk. But at that moment it’s already too late to change anything. Here are some little tricks you can use to get cheaper hotel accommodation but also one of a better quality.

Use the skills of negotiation

If you book an arranged tour at a travel agency, you must pay a fixed rate. The only thing you can do in that case is to make sure your accommodation is close to a public transport, a metro or the main road. But, if you book a hotel on your own, you have the ability to negotiate on the price and the service. Hotels are paying up to 30% of the commission to online booking portals. Therefore, when you call directly, use your bargaining abilities and you could get up to 20% lower rate.

Choose less famous hotels

Independent hotels, which are not part of any famous hotel chain, are much more favorable accommodation option. Here’s why. Large hotel complexes have established a fixed price that cannot be changed. It would be much easier to fight for a price that suits you with smaller hotels.

Lead a face-to-face conversation with a receptionist

If you want to get a true and reliable information, do never place the issue before the receptionist staff or before other guests. According to the contract, they are not allowed to tell the truth in every situation so as not to provoke panic or negative reactions among the guests. For example, if you’re wondering when the lift will start functioning again, you would get the answer that it is about to start, though masters won’t come until tomorrow morning.

Call after 13h

The biggest crowd at the reception is usually between 9 and 13h. Avoid calling during this period because then they wouldn’t be able to devote you the attention you want and will try to make the conversation as short as possible. You are sure to need more time to obtain better accommodation for a reasonable price.

What about additional costs

Pay attention to the hidden costs, because all the special benefits are charged extra. Inform yourself about the amount of tourist tax, whether the parking is paid, how many parking places are there in the hotel, if there is a transfer service, and according to what type of tariff phone calls are charged. Try to find a hotel that includes the cost of transportation or that provides a transport for guests by itself.

The number of hotel stars is (not) important

The price of accommodation in the hotel largely depends on the number of stars. However, the same number of stars does not consider the same quality in different countries. The best thing you can do when booking, in order to avoid disappointment, is to precisely define the benefits you would get – for example, whether there would be air conditioning, an internet connection, a cable TV, a terrace, a beautiful view…

Small souvenirs that could cost you a lot

Every hotelier loves it when you bring home a souvenir from the hotel, something like a little shampoo, lotion, soap … These are the things that usually have a logo of the company engraved so that they represent a good commercial trick. However, if you are too inspired, and you dare to bring the sheets or the towels, it can be charged expensively.

And if your idea of a comfortable accommodation is the quiet one, where you cannot hear what your “neighbors” are doing, then you’re probably interested in which one has been declared the quietest hotel in the world. This prize was awarded based on the number of rooms (the smaller number of rooms there is–the less noise there would be, (not) holding the bar in the lobby, the locations and the guests’ impressions published at tourist websites. Officially, the world’s quietest hotel is Regina hotel in Paris. It is located near the Louvre and it contains 32 suites and 99 rooms.

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