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Written by Martha S

I wish to share this new experience with you and tell you about how I decided to buy insurance online. 

My family is what you might call an average family of four . My husband and I have demanding, but in social terms totally irrelevant jobs. We are well off and our children have become very skilled at spending our salaries quickly and efficiently. Still, we manage to save some smaller amounts from time to time and put away whatever is not spent on the private ballet lessons, language courses, online shopping of amazingly overpriced children’s clothing and the latest video game releases. Between our important business meetings, homeworks, social and family obligations, we somehow squeeze in a few travels here and there. We live in an Eastern European country, I won’t tell you which one: suffice it to say that it is known for a number of events nobody wishes to remember, for social turmoil and its tumultuous history. Until recently, our people could not leave the country without a visa. Thankfully, those times are behind us. We now only need to take out our travel insurance and the world is our oyster! I did some searching on the Internet and it led me to websites recommending to buy insurance online.

I admit I’m an old-fashioned person, and as such, I’d always much rather deal with a living, breathing salesperson, exchange cash and sign the insurance policy with my pen. But… like I said, my husband and I are busy people. We’d put some money aside for an interesting educational trip (so that our kids can visit a famous museum for real rather than opting for virtual or online tours, like before). We’d done our chores, finished our duties at work, the school year had ended and the grades were ok. The destination was chosen by consensus and the bags were packed. However, sometime at night we realised we hadn’t bought the travel insurance. And, needless to say, it was absolutely necessary! Even though are income allows us some smaller luxuries, we wouldn’t be able to pay medical bills abroad on our own, and when you take two kids with you, you can never be too cautious. And so, my husband and I decided to do something we had never done before: to buy insurance online.

We started searching carefully, as there was no way around it. We clicked not on the first, but on the fourth link listed on the page, just because we wanted to make sure we didn’t accept the first offer in haste, without thinking it through. A whole new world appeared before us. It was simple. Clear. It could hardly have been any clearer. The process was quick and easy. Piece of cake, so to say. We filled out the required fields, used our credit card for online payments, and it was done! It was the first time ever we bought an insurance policy online. It was quick and convenient. And we never left our bedroom!

And so, the two of us were ready for the big adventure, eager to visit new places, in the company of two blasé teenagers. We are one step closer to modernising our lifestyles: we decided to buy insurance online. We’ve saved time, money (because time is money, right?) and the travel expenses.

Maybe you wonder about how our trip was? I promise to tell you all about it (and about taking two blasé teenagers insured by buying insurance online). Until my next post…



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