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Written by Martha S

If you fly frequently or plan to travel by plane any time soon, perhaps you should think about getting a flight insurance policy. Here are some reasons why you should do that:

Most people prefer flying to other modes of transport. Airfare has become affordable, and flying is an easy way to reach quickly even the most remote destinations. This is all fine, but:

What if the airline loses your luggage?

What if your flight is delayed because of the bad weather, for instance? Who will pay for the unplanned hotel accommodation in that case?

What if your flight is cancelled for any reason at all?

What happens in case of an accident, what if you get hurt or need a medivac?

What if…?

You’d be wise to think about these and other possibilities if you plan to travel by plane. Travel insurance offers you financial protection and peace of mind while you are travelling. You should know that the insurance provided by the airlines mainly protects the interests of the carriers themselves, whereas the interests of the passengers may not be their first priority. We therefore strongly recommend that you should ask your insurer for an offer before you get on the plane. The other option is to collect several offers and choose the one that provides the best combination of price and quality. Flight insurance policy should cover all the mishaps that may occur before, during or after your flight. Any inconvenience such as the lost or delayed luggage, flight cancelation or even more serious situations may create problems and turn your trip into a nightmare. In any of these cases, your insurer’s assistance and financing may make a world of difference. We always prepare for the flight by thinking ahead about, e.g., what to put in the cabin or checked luggage. Taking out the flight insurance policy equals taking appropriate steps to make sure that the damage you suffer in case of an unforeseen situation is kept at the minimum.



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