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Flying vs. cruising

Written by Martha S

After reading this post, most people will most definitely decide to spend their next vacation aboard a cruise ship!

Cruising always seems so appealing as an ideal form of travel aboard a luxury vessel with the view of the open sea and as an elegant way to visit several countries. But there are other reasons why cruising may be preferred to air travel.

Think of the stress at the airports and the check-in queues
Besides, most airlines have a restrictive checked baggage policy and impose size and weight limits on the luggage, so most passengers cannot avoid the stress before the departure as they are not allowed to bring all they need or want on board.

Narrow seats and insufficient leg room
However short, air travel is not very comfortable. Passengers are crammed in tight areas and the best they can do is to make an extra effort to get an aisle seat so that they can occasionally stretch their legs without disturbing the people seated in the same row. Aboard a cruise ship, you can indulge in the comfort of a private cabin, TV, private bathroom. When you are in the mood for socializing, you surely won’t hear any complaints about the lack of comfort.

Need we say anything? A meal on the plane is hardly worth mentioning whereas eating aboard a cruise ship can be a real treat for the palate. The gastronomic experience wouldn’t be complete without the food on the menus in bars and pastry shops.

What can you do to kill time on a plane? You can read or watch a film on the tiny screen in front of you. Aboard a cruise ship, by contrast, each moment can become a memorable experience.

Travelling with children
Kids on the plane? Expect stress and frustration. Kids on a cruise? Something to remember. Trained and qualified staff will make sure your children are safe and having fun while you relax and enjoy the voyage.

Taking a connecting flight can be quite stressful. What if the first flight is delayed, what if the connecting flight is suspended, etc. When you opt for a cruise, this problem does not exist. All you have to do is think about how to make most of your travel.

So, what is your choice?


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