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Free Travel Apps That Don’t Need the Internet

free travel apps
Written by Tanya

We live in a technological era and it is almost not possible to spend a day without using internet connection. Many everyday activities are related to online communication. All the travel lovers who have at least once found themselves in a foreign country without the Internet connection, know very well how inconvenient it can be. However, this does not mean that the next time you travel you’ll need to bring a bunch of maps or make huge phone bills when roaming. We have found some extremely useful, free applications that can help you during the trip. The best thing is that they don’t require internet connection.

MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe)

Offline, detailed and fast maps of all the countries, from the largest cities to the smallest villages, from any point of the world, using which it’s impossible to get lost. All you need to do is to pre-load the map of the specific country. Also, you can create a travel plan, make a shortcut to interesting places and find your location.

Google Maps

One of the best satellite navigation applications in which Google has invested a lot. Lately, there is also an option of using the offline regime. This app is enriched with different functions – field maps technology, modes of travel and choice of secondary routes, street view options…

XE Currency

The most famous currency converter in the world that will help you do the shopping in any country. To use this app, you do not need a network because all the current data is already loaded.

Google Translator

The most popular virtual translator in the world that translates 90 languages. You can integrate your replicas and replicas of the interlocutor directly as you talk, which makes the communication in a country whose language you do not speak much easier. And most importantly, to do all this you do not need the internet.


You get a free offline guide for the whole world. For all major cities this app allows specialized guides with information on attractions which should see, a list of restaurants, bars, and important nightlife events. A smartphone and one of these applications are all you need to fully meet any destination.

TouristEye Planner

This planner will give you all sorts of information about more than 10000 different fields exactly when needed: maps, photos, itineraries, reservations, information on transport … and all this in offline mode.


Extremely useful application that in its database contains information about the location of shops and cafes at more than 180 world airports, with the division according to the terminals. Also, here you can find out how much time it takes to register, how not to get lost at a new airport … etc.

Rail Planner App

The ideal application for all those who travel through Europe using Eurail and InterRail trains. With this app, you can easily find the nearest station or check the schedule of train departures, all this without Wi-Fi signal.

WiFi Map

Finally, here is a solution for all the problems you’ll might have. Most often, when you need it more than ever, the Internet connection is not easy to find. Things can get complicated if you are in a city for the first time. Instead of scanning and chasing available WiFi connections as if you were chasing butterflies, this application provides you with an overview of the city with open WiFi spots, as well as with passwords and advice of real people from all around the world, who were already at the destination. You can add a new one or connect to an existing network.
Of course, all of this applies if you have a phone with good performances. Otherwise, if you overload applications it may cause braking, and you don’t need that kind of stress when traveling. Select 2 – 3 apps that you think will benefit you most, relax and do not allow the pleasure of your trip to depend on your internet connection.


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