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Get insurance whatever the purpose of your travel

Written by Martha S
What motivates you to travel? If someone asked you this, how would you answer?
I like travelling because it offers an escape from reality, a change from the conventional way of life, at least for a little while, for the duration of my pre-arranged vacation.
I travel to see other countries, different from mine.
I travel to meet new, different people and to make new friends. Different people have different world views and interacting with them is good for the soul.
I travel because I’m interested in other cultures and the history of other people.
I travel for fun, because I need a change.
I travel for business, to make new deals abroad.
For some people, travelling is a way of life. They take every opportunity, every free moment and available resources to travel to a country they haven’t visited before.
Some people prefer organized trips, through a travel agency.
Others like to make their own plans and pick the itinerary, accommodation and means of transport.
There are also people who set out without planning ahead and every leg of their journey depends solely on their mood, the funds at their disposal and time.
Whatever the motive or purpose of your travel, whether you’re going on a package tour or on your own, you should take the following advice:
Before you leave, check what personal or travel documents you need to reach the country or countries of your destination. Also, check if you need a visa.
Make sure you have enough money having in mind your destination and the possible duration of your stay.
Take out a travel insurance policy because it provides safety in case of an accident or illness when you leave your country of residence. Even if you prefer improvised travels, this is a precaution even the most relaxed traveler should take. The minimum expense for your travel insurance coverage ensures the safety you need for any travel or motivation.

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