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How to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist When You Travel

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Written by Tanya

There are people who behave completely differently when they are traveling. This way they immediately make it clear to everyone that they are tourists.

Retaining at the middle of the road, making fun of local customs and culture, speaking loud in their native language just because nobody understands it… We’ve all seen these scenes, especially at the popular international destinations. Such a behavior is certainly annoying and inconvenient, especially to the local population.

You should avoid this stereotypical behavior not just to pay the respect to the places and the cultures you are visiting, but also for your own personal safety. The chances that you’ll have something stolen are much smaller if you do not stand out as a newcomer, and the hosts will be nicer and more comfortable to you as well.

Here are some suggestions on how to correct your behavior and how to avoid representing a typical tourist abroad. This will definitely improve the quality of your trip.

Choose the Right Clothing

Do your homework before venturing to a certain destination. Inform yourself about the weather conditions, so that you would bring adequate clothing and footwear. If there is any dress code, of religious or cultural characteristics, make sure you respect it.

Learn a Language (at least just a few phrases)

There is no need for you to learn fluently and perfectly the language of the nation you’re visiting, but at least a basic understanding of the terms can be extremely useful. Local people will appreciate it and will be more willing to help if you ask for in their own language. Thank you, good afternoon, sorry … it would be enough to start with. For this you can use some of the applications for foreign languages that can be downloaded to the phone, such as Duolinguo.

Put Away Your Map

If you walk around as if you were lost, constantly looking at the map, you become an ideal target for robbers. At the same time, you’ll miss all the beauty of the local environment and atmosphere which is actually why you came to a place. Prepare yourself for the trip and study the map of a destination. You can also download some application or Google Maps. And if you do happen to get lost, it would be best to step aside and sit in a nearby cafe and consult the map in peace. You can also seek for a help from the local residents.

Do Not Take Photos Every Two Seconds

Tourists are most easily recognized by the camera around their necks and a continuous shooting. In order to capture every inch of the site, you could lose the opportunity to really enjoy it. If you have expensive equipment, it would be wise to pay close attention to it and keep it protected inside of your bag, especially if you are visiting some of the less luxurious destinations.

Do Not Make the Crowd

Very often tourists tend to stop in the middle of busy streets, pedestrian areas and passage ways for a photo shoot or to barge with their companions about future travel plans. Look for a place where you would not distract others, and where the others would not distract you and so you get even more beautiful picture.

If you apply some or all of these instructions, you will not be a typical tourist who blindly follows the map and posts countless photos of Instagram  and Facebook.
You have long planned and waited for a trip to a certain destination, and the time will fly by much faster than you expect. Therefore, while you are there enjoying, take the pleasure in the atmosphere and the typical scents, create memories that cannot be easily erased and that will remain in your heart for the rest of your life.



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