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How to Survive Coming Back Home From a Trip

Written by Tanya

Every return from a trip takes much more than simply unpacking the suitcases. Observe your own behavior and the behavior of your friends for a few days after coming home. It could be noted that there is a so-called post-vacation blue. The more amazing impressions from the trip you have, the stronger the symptoms of this syndrome will be.

In short, after returning home from a vacation you may find yourself in a state of mind similar to a mild depression. This can make it difficult to return to everyday routines and responsibilities at home, at work or at school.

Check Whether You Are Suffering From the Post-Vacation Blues

Here’s a little test which will help you discover whether you’re in the post – vacation depression:

  • You hesitate when it comes to unpacking suitcases and washing clothes, while wistfully enjoying the remaining smells of sand, sea salt and sunscreen.
  • You do not want to dispose of sunscreen even if it expired because while it is around, you don’t consider the summer over.
  • You can’t stand even the very thought about obligations that are to be finished with, but the images and memories from the travel constantly make you smile.
  • You keep idealizing destination you visited – for example, Greece has the friendliest people and the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted.
  • You do not stop posting photos from the trip to the social networks, although it is already behind you.
  • The everyday life that you had before traveling now seems boring.
  • You keep telling the stories about your experience to everyone, even though they did not ask you to.
  • You watch the photos you made there too often while admiring the surroundings and yourself.

If you identify your feelings with most of these claims, it means that you suffer from the post-vacation blues. But do not worry; you are not the only one. And there is also a proven and tested solution.

 How to Get Rid of Post-Trip Blues

No matter how uncomfortable it may be, with a little of good will, a change of perspective and with a better care of yourself, symptoms can quickly weaken and eventually completely disappear.

During the first couple of days after the trip, people tend to find it most difficult to return to the normal schedule at work or at school. Therefore, it would be good to go back a few days earlier and acclimate before your work of school starts. Studies even show that it would be best to go to work on Tuesday if it is possible. This way you would avoid the acquired aversion towards Monday.

In many cases, changing the way of thinking about something contributes to the feelings to change as well. Try to imply some of the habits that felt good on holiday in your everyday life. And always be thankful for the opportunity you had to travel around and see new destinations. Keep in mind that there are lots of people that cannot afford to travel or the people that have some other limitations. In addition, if any of this doesn’t help, you can immediately start planning the next trip.

There Is One More Thing That Is Important For You to Know

Whether it takes a few days or two weeks, this syndrome is completely normal, in the same way as the euphoria about starting the trip. However, if you feel really unhappy and unfulfilled after returning from your vacation, you should ask yourself whether it is just the trip you are missing. A deep feeling of dissatisfaction of being back home or going back to work, points to a deeper problem. Therefore, when you identify what it is really about, you should try to influence it, and do everything you can to fill your life with happiness and satisfaction.


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