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Myths about travel insurance

Written by Martha S

Many people start a journey without a proper insurance coverage because they rely on false information. From everything between cost to coverage, misconceptions have been formed over the years. Travel insurance is one of the most important things a traveller can invest in while planning a trip, and this is why:

Myth 1

As a credit card holder, you don’t really need a travel insurance policy

The insurance provided to some credit card holders normally covers only certain types of accidents as well as the costs paid by the card. Credit cards do not provide the same coverage as the standard travel insurance.

Myth 2

Airlines always cover costs due to cancelled flights

Airlines often do not help to reimburse the costs spent by travellers who are forced to cancel their trip when a flight is cancelled due to inclement weather. If a flight is delayed leaving the traveller to cover the costs of hotel accommodations, food, or re-booking, trip cancellation and delay insurance policies can help.

Myth 3

You don’t need travel insurance for short trips

Keep in mind that accidents or illnesses may befall anyone anytime. The duration of the travel has nothing to do with the likelihood of something happening to you. In case of an accident or a serious illness, you will need medical care or repatriation. You may have to prolong your stay, which will only increase your expenses. Travel insurance will ensure you receive appropriate assistance no matter the circumstances or the duration of your travel

Myth 4

The costs of accommodation will be refunded in case of emergency

Unfortunately, if there is some type of emergency that occurs during a trip, most hotels and airline companies will not refund your expenses if you are not insured. In case of cancelled accommodation, you may be required to pay for your accommodation anyway. You will also bear the cost of any tickets purchased in advance.

Myth 5

Insurance policy is expensive

Insurance policy normally accounts for only a small portion of the overall costs of travel, but many travellers are not aware of that. The cost of taking out a travel insurance policy is minimal and it’s just a fraction of the expenses you might incur in case you suffer an accident or require medical assistance. Even in case you need the simplest medical care, it certainly pays off to have it covered by the travel insurance.


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