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Never hit the road without your travel insurance

Written by Martha S

Until the last summer vacation, I used to take out travel insurance policies without giving it much thought, simply because I was told that I should. For some destinations, I was even required to get a visa, so I also had to take out a travel insurance policy. Before the last summer I never actually needed the travel insurance.

Last year, however, I decided to spend the summer vacation with my family in Greece. As always, we all had some kind of insurance coverage. Now imagine a beautiful hotel with the sandy beach, everything was perfect and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely, as we were supposed to. But one night I got a high fever, and the next day I coughed so much that I thought that the rest of the hotel guests would sign a petition to kick me out. The medicine I took with me, just in case, simply didn’t work. And then what did I do? Reluctantly, I dialed the phone number indicated in my travel insurance policy. I always carried my policy with me, but had never before used the services made available by my insurer. I have to admit that it was a nice surprise. I immediately received the instructions how to get to the nearest doctor and I didn’t even have to call him: he called me! On the following day, I dropped by his office where again a nice surprise awaited, because the doctor spoke to me in my mother tongue. I got the necessary medication and the problem was solved! I was also offered to be visited by my doctor at my hotel, which I declined. Honestly, it was more interesting to take the trip to his office. It was well equipped and I was really impressed by how kindly and efficiently all patients were treated. I didn’t pay for the consultations, but simply showed my travel insurance policy at the reception. I only paid for the meds prescribed by the doctor. However, I saved the receipt and claimed a refund when I returned home.

All in all, it was a very positive experience (so to say, although I fell ill during my vacation) and it made me realize that taking out a travel insurance policy is a smart thing to do.

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