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Packing rules and tips

Written by Martha S

When you’re preparing for a trip, always remember that a well packed suitcase can make your travel so much easier, whereas doing it all wrong can spoil your long awaited time off. If you carry too much or too little, if you forget to take the most important items, you’ll end up being nervous and disorganized. Let’s go through some basic rules each traveler should adhere to.

Make a list

Write a list well ahead of your journey and leave enough time to remember everything you may need so that you can add items to your list without any stress.

 Roll, don’t fold.

Many travel experts—including backpackers, agree that rolling is better than folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space than the folded ones. Plus, they’re less prone to getting deep wrinkles.

Know your airline’s baggage-fee policy

If you’re travelling by plane, check how many suitcases you’re allowed to take free of charge and find out about the weight restrictions per bag. Also, you may want to check the allowed size of the luggage because they may differ depending on the airline. When you check in your bags at the airport, the size of your cabin luggage may be checked as well. You probably don’t want to pay excess baggage charges. All this information is available on the airlines’ websites. If you’re planning to go shopping, carry less stuff to make room in the suitcase for everything you want to buy.

No fluids and sharp objects in the cabin luggage

All of us have forgotten about this rule at least once. Carrying sharp objects, large cosmetic packages or bottles with fluids in the hand luggage is not allowed. The airport security will surely withhold or mercilessly discard all such objects. Smaller cosmetic packages can be carried only in specially designed plastic holders, which will be carefully inspected.

One piece of cabin luggage per passenger

Keep in mind that many airlines, especially the low-cost ones, allow a single piece of hand luggage per person. In case you’re also carrying a purse, for example, you might be asked to place your purse in the cabin bag.

Take less clothes if you can wash them during the travel

Many accommodation providers will let you use a washing machine during your stay. You can also use a laundry. So, take the reasonable amount of clothes that can be washed during the travel.

Wear layers and pack in layers

Layer your clothing to adjust to various weather conditions when you travel. Plan for all kinds of weather and pack at least one piece of warm clothing or additional footwear.

Never check in essential items

Always keep with you the valuable items, medicines, electronic equipment as well as your passport, travel insurance policy, cash and jewelry. It’s also a good idea to carry some essential clothing in case your checked-in luggage is lost or delayed.


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