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Recommended winter destinations, part I

Written by Martha S

During the autumn, we usually make plans for the standard winter trips, normally to the mountains, to practice skiing and other popular winter sports. Still, many people prefer to take a break from the cold weather and instead of snow actually opt for the sun. If you’re one of these people, here are some ideas for a winter holiday:


With its temperate climate, vibrant arts scene, and fantastic food and wine, Spain is a fabulous European destination year round, winters included. This modern country offers top notch art museums, extraordinary cuisine, and exciting nightlife. From the Pyrenees to the coast, its landscapes and varied cultures are worth exploring.


Visit Italy once and you’ll keep going back. Italy’s worth visiting for its art, the architecture which cradled the western civilization, and the finest food and the most intoxicating wines in the world. Add its incomparable natural beauties and its urban centres which are shopaholics’ heaven, and you’ll surely understand why this destination shouldn’t be missed in any season.


Germany is a mix of tradition and modernity. Visit its medieval cities, but make sure you also travel through Berlin, where the Brandenburg Gate and contemporary art galleries create exciting contrasts. Finally, have a taste of its world famous bier at a centuries-old biergarten.


Hungary sits at the crossroads of Central Europe; despite the many conquerors who tried to subdue it for centuries, Hungary managed to keep its own identity. The country was marked by the Ottomans, Habsburgs and Soviets. With the withdrawal of the last Soviet soldiers from Hungarian soil in 1991, Hungary embarked on a decade of sweeping changes. Budapest, an old-world city with a throbbing urban pulse, is a must-stop on any trip to Central Europe.



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