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Travel insurance for Schengen visa

Written by Martha S

Although much has been written about this topic, it is still worth going through some details that may be quite significant for travellers. The Schengen Agreement, its signatories and their internal borders have been in the limelight lately. This visa-free space has been threatened by the migrant crisis in Europe and the announcements of some of the signatories that they would reintroduce internal border controls, which is not entirely in line with the provisions of the Agreement. In case more stringent measures are taken within the Schengen area, travel insurance policy will be one of the required documents for all passengers. In other words, if this important precaution has been neglected so far, perhaps you should pay more attention to getting all the necessary papers for the planned travels from now on. In case any additional conditions are set for obtaining Schengen visas, this will probably translate into additional documents required.

As for the travel insurance, all reputable insurers will know the premium levels required for the issuance of Schengen visas. They can also advise you with regard to additional options you may be interested in, depending on your final destination and purpose of travel. A travel insurance policy equals a guarantee that the costs of medical treatment in foreign countries will be covered. This guarantee is important not only for you, but also for your hosts, in case you are staying at other people’s home. And remember: the cost of travel insurance is negligible, but its benefits may be huge in case you have to use it.

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