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Spring break vacations

spring break
Written by Martha S

The spell of unusually warm weather this month seems to signal that the end of the winter season is at hand. Luckily for the winter sports enthusiasts, the mountain peaks are still covered with snow and there is still time to steal some time away from work to try out new slopes. Alternatively, you may wish to plan a spring break to relax in the countryside. Spending time outdoors benefits the body and mind, so taking a break at the change of seasons is always recommended. Here are some ideas for the family spring break vacation.


Leave your mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices at home and strengthen your family ties during a short, but exciting rafting. Water and nature will help you relax and regenerate. Be it in calm or rough waters, rafting is an ideal way to rest and get ready for the spring.


Take a break from the sedentary urban lifestyle and re-connect with nature. If you hire an RV or a tent, you will surely have a great time making do without your home appliances, breathing fresh air and sleeping like a baby. Your kids might discover new things and you will get a chance to remember the simple pleasures that used to be all it takes to make you content.

Lakeside vacation

Travel to the nearest lake and get a hotel room or a cabin for a couple of days. Enjoy fishing, hiking or riding a bike. Discover restaurants with local specialties. Forget about your computer, TV, radio.

National parks

All countries have at least one beautiful national park. Our suggestion is to spend this spring break exploring these natural reserves. Let the oxygen flow through your body and give your eyes a rest from computer screen. As you know, the presence of foliage makes you feel better and the green colour relaxes the senses. Try it out and see if it is true.

Horse riding

Digital detox is something you hear about often and for the good reason. So, make sure that you and your family get a proper digital detox this season. We recommend an active, ranch vacation. There are many offers for vacation packages in the natural environment, including horse riding and learning about farming.  

Think about the above suggestions and make sure you take out a travel insurance policy to have a truly carefree spring break vacation.

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