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Take good care of your health when travelling

Written by Martha S

Before you start a journey, you should make sure you’re well enough to travel. During the trip, your health may deteriorate, so some steps should be taken well in advance. Your to-do list should contain all the important details, a check-up at the doctor’s included. Here are some tips:

It’s always a good idea to visit your dentist before your travel. You don’t want to wake up in an unknown place with a toothache.

Do the routine check-up if you’re planning to stay away longer. In case of any pre-existing conditions, see your doctor and get the necessary medication.

You may want to bring the doctor’s certificate or findings with the essential information about your diagnosis and the prescribed medication if you suffer from a specific illness.

Inform your insurer about your pre-existing health condition. You should not withhold this information because it may become an issue in case you have to use your travel insurance policy.

Of course, take out a travel insurance policy.

Getting sick on vacation happens all too often. Travellers may come down with an bacterial infection or become infested with parasites. Keep in mind the following:

Most people have heard that you shouldn’t drink tap water in other countries because our bodies aren’t used to it. Drinking water needs to be bottled or boiled. Some people even use bottled water when brushing their teeth to be on the safe side. In addition, keep in mind that the ice cubes added to your beverage may be made of tap water.

Try not to buy street food. You never know if the hygiene level is adequate.

Eat thoroughly cooked foods. Undercooked foods may contain bacteria that could make you ill. That means you should get your meat at least medium-well done on vacation, even if that’s not how you prefer to eat it.

If you do fall sick, stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water (bottled or boiled, of course). You could also try an oral rehydration solution (ORS) for a fast hydration.

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