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The Story of the Passengers

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Written by Tanya

Not everyone who likes to sing is a singer. And not everyone who knows how to fix the most of the things around the house is a handyman. Thus, not everyone who is traveling is a passenger.

And how do you become a passenger? The recipe is somewhat similar to this: stubborn persistence added to the dedication and unstoppable desire to overcome the distances plus a little bit of talent. Everything starts with a decision to start off. It is followed by the preparations, exploring the unfamiliar countries and studying the colorful maps. And when they arrive at the destination, travelers find themselves at a new beginning. Freed from prejudices, they start a quest for authentic vibrations. On the road, they constantly learn. They don’t learn by heart, but store smells and tastes of each location in essence of the memory, carrying them around as if they were souvenirs.

Irrepressible look of the world travelers

Everyone, has at least once, met a true world traveler, a grandmaster among travelers. They have perfected the craft after having passed thousands and thousands of kilometers on the road.

World travelers are a completely unique type of travelers. You will recognize them by a wandering gaze that never stands still. The more they travel, the more they tend to stop. In every part of the world they have at least one home. They have no prejudices, no expectations, just an irresistible desire to go further. Over time, traveling becomes totally spontaneous for them, just like breathing. Their hearts are like sunflowers turning to new destinations. World passengers travel in order to be what they are, or to avoid being what they would become if they stopped. Some travelers prefer to travel exclusively by bicycle. On two wheels, they forge their own map of the world. They would ride a bike over the sea if they could. Their tanned cheeks pick up smiles of passersby gathered to greet them. They mostly have modest, steel persistence which leads them through Alaska and Hawaii. This kind of travelers will forever remain faithful to the bike because according to them only the pedals provide the perfect life speed.

Stereotypes create illusions and impose expectations

What is the general opinion about the women passengers? They are the ones who obtain hundreds of the border seals, speak dozens of languages and have tasted the most unusual dishes in the world. Kilometers leave no marks on their faces. They always carry smiles as decorations. They wear every adventure as an ornament in their hair. Women passengers are not looking for the good conditions, but for the challenges. Sometimes they act like the true modern Amazons, ready to cross the stone and sand in search of the undiscovered beauty of the earth. The desire to travel creates a superhuman strength in them. Women passengers leave a special mark on the roads that they cross, they sprinkle roads with a special powder.

What would happen if we asked the travelers whether they know how and when they became the true, unstoppable adventurers? No one would probably know the answer. What they do know is that they could not live in any other way. They simply had enough courage to embark on a maiden voyage. And then the uncertainty ceases to be an obstacle and becomes a challenge.

In the end, is traveling as contagious as a virus? Or are some people destined to travel the World, and the others to remain in the place where they were born as if they were faithful guardians? Are you born traveler or do you become one?

Anyway, best of luck for all of us passing over the roads and kilometers!

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