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There Is No Such a Thing as Traveling Too Much

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Written by Tanya

Do you know any people to whom travel is a basic life inspiration and a source of happiness? Do you have the impression that such travel lovers do not drop the map from their hands and do not recall when they last slept in their beds? They practically live at the airports and know all the staff there. Their half-packed suitcases are waiting in the corner for an opportunity for a new trip, and their evident desire to get to know yet unseen destinations is culminating. It does not matter how far they travel, for how many days or how much money is needed, when there is an opportunity, they will grab it right away. You can recognize them by their passports filled with seals and by colorful magnets from all over the world on their fridges. For those people the travel is a food for their souls and a cure for their curiosity, but they might also be at the edge of serious addiction. Still, can one travel too much? How much is not too much and who is competent enough to determine it?

Trips makes us happier

Why do people like to travel so much? Here’s what the statistics say. The well-known world booking portal has conducted a survey of 17,000 respondents from 17 countries. These are some of the results. Planning the road and the very act of traveling makes people happier than going to a meeting. Almost half of the respondents said that their trips bring them more happiness than their own wedding day or a new job, while about 77 percent say that they intentionally book a trip in order to cheer their selves up when they need it. 30 percent of the respondents rejoice more over a vacation than over a childbirth, while 56 percent prefer to travel rather than possess material things such as clothing, jewelry, and technical appliances. The emotional enthusiasm that the journey brings takes place during every stage, from the planning, through the reservation to the departure, and even 72 percent of the respondents point out that they feel excited even while searching where to travel. Science still confirms that trips encourage productivity and creativity, our faith in people, they open new aspects, affect faster problem solving and overcoming fears.

Many psychologists “prescribe” trips as a proven cure for depression and anxiety. So can one blame the passionate passengers from the beginning of the story for using every moment to visit a new exotic beach, a little explored cave or a modern metropolis? Can we blame them for being permanently addicted to the excitement for the new and the unknown, for the newly discovered beauties of the world? It seems that one life is too short to see everything that the Earth has to offer. Even though one might have the impression that we cannot exaggerate doing something that brings us a constant sense of happiness, there are situations that indicate that sometimes we should slow down and take a break between the trips.

You have traveled too much if…

You arrive to the planned destination, you walk past the sights and with a lack of enthusiasm you think “OK, another museum”. New locations do not excite you so much and you almost do not remember the name of the central statue you took a photo of yesterday. You get easily upset over the crowd at the airport or over the fact that you have not been able to get tickets for a current exhibition. By the evening you forget the exact name of the place which you are in and instead of experiencing the nightlife you just stay in your hotel room and surf social networks.
This can happen even to the most devoted travelers! A little pause will give you the necessary refreshment and soon a photo or a post will awaken the old desire to hit the road. And then you again will testify to the famous saying: “It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”


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