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Written by Martha S

The summer holidays are just around the corner and the travel insurance is the second most important topic, right after the choice of the desired destination. Here’s some useful travel insurance advice for all of you who really need to get away from it all for a while and don’t want to spoil your vacation because you failed to take action on time.

–       Don’t buy your travel insurance policy from your travel agent, tour operator or airline. It will cost you more and you won’t get the quality of service provided by the insurance companies.

–       Think ahead what kind of coverage you need before you start looking for offers and comparing rates.

–       Also consider your participation in the medical and other expenses in terms of whether it’s a fixed fee or a percentage in the total cost. This is very important because the policy may not cost a lot, but you might not benefit from it much after all. What if you suffer from a serious injury which may require a costly treatment or even repatriation, and you have to come up with a huge amount of money for participation because you chose to cover a percentage of the cost yourself?

–       Check if your home insurance policy or your bank already provides some coverage. That is often the case, although such coverage is mostly basic and may not be of much use to you in case something serious happens during your travel.

–       Choose the annual cover if you plan more than three trips during the year. The annual policies will usually cost less than the sum of all the policies you take out in a year. In addition, the backpacker travels may require specific policies because such trips are normally longer and covered by different travel insurance policies.

–       Do you know where you’re going? Keep in mind that some northern African countries are treated like “Europe”, and that the “worldwide” policies not always include USA and Canada.

–       Check the age-related restrictions and make sure you report any pre-existing health conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

–       Check with your insurer of choice which activities are considered risky and pay the extra charge if you plan to indulge in such activities anyway.

–       If you intend to book your air ticket yourself, consider taking out the insurance against flight delays or cancellations.




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