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Written by Martha S

I’m about to tell you about the trip to a European capital by an average family of four (parents and two spoilt teenagers). You may wonder why I’m writing about such a mundane subject. It’s because we come from an Eastern European country, I won’t tell you which one: suffice it to say that it is famous for various events nobody cares to remember, for social turmoil and its tumultuous history. This is why, also having in mind the situation worldwide, the economic crisis and the fact that we travel with ungrateful teenagers, each one of our trips to Europe is carefully planned, with the methodology of a scientist. Where? How? How much? Which travel insurance should we get? Yes, we need travel insurance for Europe.

In fact, the health insurance of our country of residence doesn’t cover medical bills, which always may become an issue when you travel. You can never be too careful, especially if you travel with kids (with spoilt teenagers, in my case). For ten years now, our citizens can travel to the Schengen area without a visa. The travel insurance is no longer necessary, but it may come in handy. Trust me on this one.

And so, having prepared everything and bought online travel insurance for Europe, my family of four visited the famous European metropolis (the teenagers weren’t really beside themselves with joy; museums were not their destination of choice, they were more into Disneyland). Each moment of our stay was meticulously planned. The museums were chosen beforehand, the tickets booked. The city map was ready, and – surprise, surprise! – it already featured circles on all parts of the city with interesting clothing and electronic equipment shops. How did they manage to do that?

Everything started, well, as expected: while we insisted on visiting museums, our teenagers took every chance to drag us to department stores, boutiques or any other public space, as long as it was not a museum. And then, unfortunately, my eldest son fell ill. At first we thought he was faking it to avoid going to places he couldn’t care less about. But it turned out to be quite serious and so I found out how useful and, in fact, necessary it is to have travel insurance for Europe. Do you have any idea how much a general practitioner charges in that city? My jaw dropped when I was told. His fee would cover monthly costs of living of my average Eastern European family. Luckily, we were smart enough to take out travel insurance.

I won’t bore you with all the details of what came next. I just wish to recommend to all other families and individuals coming from the countries whose standard of living is below the average Western European standard never to leave the country without their precious travel insurance policy. Don’t even think about it! Otherwise, you may be forced to pay for that one visit to a doctor and the prescribed medication for months or years.

Needless to say, our visit to museums was off as we had to take care of our son…

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