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Travel insurance for guests

Written by Martha S

What exactly does this type of insurance involve? If you live in one of the countries of the Schengen area, and you’re expecting guests from outside this area, they will probably need a visa to visit you. Taking out a travel insurance policy is one of the conditions they will have to fulfil when applying for the Schengen visa.

Travel Insurance for guests plan offers your visitors from abroad a safe stay in the Schengen states.  The insurance plan protects visitors from the high costs of illness or accident during their stay. You and your guests can enjoy a trouble-free stay.

In case you take it upon yourself to buy the travel insurance for your guests, you should first check the required insured sum. Then you can determine the coverage information, namely:

– Health care for visitors (payment of medical costs resulting from an accident or illness)

– Search and rescue costs (if you guest is missing or must be rescued in case of an accident, for instance)

– medically indicated repatriation (or transportation to a hospital in your guest’s country of residence)

– repatriation of body in the event of death (in the event of death during the stay abroad, the insurer will bear the costs of repatriation of the remains of the deceased to his/her country of residence)

It would also be wise to check the maximum trip duration which may be covered by the policy. Make sure you report any pre-existing health issues your guest may have to avoid difficulties at the point of the policy activation, which may arise in case certain health problems had not been reported. And of course, if your guest intends to practice any risky sports while staying with you, you should keep in mind that the standard travel insurance does not cover such risks. In that case, the coverage should be extended to include the risk of engaging in these particular sporting activities.

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