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Written by Martha S

We have recently received a letter we have decided to post. It’s about the travel insurance for the people over 80 years of age. Our readers may find it interesting as this particular topic has not been covered so far.


Some time ago, my wife and I visited our son and his family. We are both over 80 and since the travel insurance coverage for seniors is often discussed, we wanted to share our experience with you.

Our son lives with his family in another country so we had to prepare well for the trip. For the people over 80, taking out a travel insurance policy may prove to be quite tricky. Many insurers set age limits for beneficiaries in their general terms and conditions, so we had to sift through plenty of information in the offers we’d got before we found an appropriate coverage. Of course, we were required to give detailed information about our pre-existing illnesses before we signed the contract with our new insurer, which is, as it turns out, a common procedure. When you reach certain age, you definitely felt more relaxed travelling with the travel insurance policy in your pocket. My wife and I enjoy relatively good health, but you never know what may happen and our main concern was to avoid being a burden to our son if either of us falls ill. And it did happen. My wife got flu with high fever. We had to go see a doctor, she needed some medicine, and all that would have cost us a lot had we not taken out the travel insurance over 80. We contacted our insurer’s call centre and they gave us the contact details of the doctor they worked with. We went to the see him immediately. My wife was admitted without waiting, she was checked up and received a proper therapy. Our insurance covered the whole procedure so we didn’t have any additional costs or worries. All in all, we wouldn’t recommend to the elderly people, like us, to travel without the travel insurance over 80. It’s a necessary precaution: it doesn’t cost much, but it means a lot when you need it.

All the best and thanks in advance for posting my letter.

Kind regards,

BP, London

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