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Winter Sun Holidays – Chase the Sun!

winter sun holidays
Written by Tanya

It is December. The cold days are here, the snow is expected. And while the people around you are choosing ski resorts or planning New Year’s Eve, you are longing for the sun and you simply can’t say goodbye to summer.

And why not?

Anyone who has tried it could confirm that winter sun holidays are in the most cases the ones that bring the best memories. An important factor that could lead you to decide to follow the sun is the fact that the package prices for the seaside vacations are much more favorable off-season. There are places with an ideal temperature throughout the year, where you can enjoy the pleasures of summer while your own neighborhood is snowed in.

Holiday Options

Malta is a small island state in the middle of the Mediterranean, south of Sicily. It is formed out of an archipelago of 5 islands and is annually visited by more than a million tourists. The average temperature in winter is 21C, and in addition to numerous historical sights, you can enjoy one of the beaches that stretch along 137km. You can still find the wreckage of destroyed ships from World War II along the coast. In this incredible country were recorded some of the big blockbusters like “Troy” and “Gladiator.”

Morocco and the entire North Africa represent an excellent choice for a short sunny adventure. In November the temperature is more than pleasant, around 22C, and Morocco has a coast which lies both on the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Marrakech and Essaouira are particularly popular destinations. However, the majority is of the opinion that the oldest imperial city of Fes is the right place if you want to experience the Moroccan way of life in all its glory. Morocco creates the impression of a whole new world waiting to be explored.

Tenerife is often called the “island of happiness” because of the beauty of nature, the temperatures that go above 20C all year round and because of diverse entertainment for all the tastes and generations. This island is the biggest of all the Canary Islands and represents a synonym for unusual exotic – black sand and the blue color of the ocean, and is one of the 20 most visited destinations all around the world. Special attractions are the various species of dolphins and one of the world’s largest colony of pilot whales that can be seen without any diving equipment. Unmeasured excitement is regularly caused by close encounters with dolphins or when an 8m long whale and his family slowly passes next to the boat.

Costa del Sol justifies its name with 320 sunny days a year and is the most popular holiday destination in Spain. The main town is Malaga, Pablo Picasso’s hometown, the metropolis decorated with Mediterranean ornaments. It is a real treat to visit this paradise on earth just in winter when there is no typical crowd so that you can enjoy all its charms all by yourself.

Tunis is the most developed and the most peaceful country in North Africa. Its visitors are greeted warmly and friendly by the beauty of the Mediterranean in the northern part of the country and oriental mysticism oasis in the desert. The climate is very mild and pleasant, and the prices are very affordable – especially during the winter months. You will never forget the azure blue sea and famous resorts such as Hammamet, Jasmin Hammamet, Sousse and Port el Kantaoui.

Algarve is a tourist center located in the south of Portugal and it’s known for its fabulous sandy beaches, amazing rock formations and pleasant climate. The architecture of this region gives it a special authenticity: white villages decorated with colorful chimneys, windows and doors, churches and bell towers in contrast with the yellow cliffs and green forests. Walks along the wild beaches of the Atlantic will make your holiday unforgettable.

Winter holiday on the beach represents an extraordinary adventure regardless of the destination, just have in mind to take out travel insurance before traveling. It can bring you peace of mind during your holiday. The most important thing is to be well informed before departure and to be ready to return to the reality of winter, which is imminent.

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